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Gear Reducers for the Mining Industry

Few industries demand as much from their power transmission equipment as the mining industry. From harsh, dirty environments to staggeringly heavy loads, mining operations can strain even the toughest gear reducers. Here at Mar-Dustrial, we regularly work with mining facilities to select robust, rugged drives designed to withstand the intense challenges of ore crushing and conveying applications.

We carry a wide selection of parallel shaft reducers, concentric shaft reducers and shaft mount reducers from manufacturers who understand the punishing demands of mining applications. We can help you choose a make and model that provides:

High-torque capability. Ore crusher and conveyor systems require an incredible amount of muscle to move tons of materials at a time and apply enough force to crush large volumes of rock.

Small footprint. Mining equipment must often be assembled in cramped spaces, requiring compact gearboxes that allow versatility without sacrificing torque.

Impenetrable casing. Preventing dirt contamination is one of the biggest challenges in a dusty mining environment. A well-sealed gearbox design can help preserve the life of your drive.

Contact Mar-Dustrial today for help selecting the right gear reducer for your mining application.

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