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Falk Gear Couplings

Choosing the wrong gear coupling can be costly. Fortunately, Falk has designed a solution to save you money: Lifelign gear (G) couplings. With their low initial cost – along with the highest bore capacities and ratings available – Falk G couplings can save you as much as 35 percent over competitor brands.

Built to last longer, protect your equipment and save you money, Lifelign G couplings are ideal for a world of applications. They’re designed to AGMA standards and are interchangeable “half for half” with many other brands. With a wide variety of sizes and capacity ratings available, the durable G coupling gives users the broadest possible choice range – no matter the application or factory environment.

Falk G couplings are specially designed to remain your most economical solution. You don’t have to worry about quality or reliability. This means that time between maintenance is drastically reduced and service life increases. There are many more advantages like longer life, equipment protection, and interchangeability.

Longer Life

The Lifelign G coupling is built for a longer working life, with Falk’s superior Long Term Grease  lubrication and a four-point seal to extend its lifecycle and reduce maintenance. It comes with a 3-year warranty when Falk Long Term Grease is used.

Equipment Protection

Triple-crowned teeth are designed with crowns on all working portions of the teeth, so they can slide freely to accommodate misalignment and movement. As a result, connected equipment is protected from damaging loads.


Because of their AGMA standard sizes, Lifelign G couplings are one-half for one-half interchangeable with other standard gear couplings, regardless of the difference in sleeve barrel, hub and bore dimensions.

Worldwide Availability


  • flanged sleeve
  • continuous sleeve
  • double engagement
  • single engagement
  • rigid
  • spacer
  • floating shaft
  • vertical
  • mill motor
  • limited end float
  • slide
  • brake disc
  • brakewheel
  • flywheel
  • insulated
  • disconnect
  • shear pin


  • high speed
  • high misalignment
  • shear bolt
  • indexing
  • vertical adjustable
  • forced lubrication
  • spindle
  • jordan
  • metal steel
  • special bolt pattern

Bore Options

  • inch
  • metric
  • clearance fit
  • interference fit
  • hydraulic removal
  • bushing
  • splined
  • shrink disc
  • internal locking devices
  • tapered
  • mill motor
  • keyless
  • special keyways
  • multiple keyways

G Standard Flanged Sleeve

This general-purpose series is used on bulk handling systems, paper machines, fans, pumps, cranes, mixers, sugar mills, crushers and many other high-torque applications.

  • 12 sizes
  • 18 types
  • Bores to 330 mm (13 inch)
  • Capacities to 135 000 Nm (1,197,000 lb./in.)
  • Largest bore capacity and rating make this coupling an economical choice

GC Continuous Sleeve

The one-piece sleeve is used on high-speed equipment with low inertia requirements and for applications requiring a low initial cost.

  • 6 sizes
  • 2 types
  • Bores to 134 mm (4.875 inch)
  • Capacities to 18 500 Nm (163,800 lb./in.)
  • Low rotating mass
  • Compact design
  • Lowest initial cost

G Large Flanged Sleeve

This larger-capacity size is ideal for very high-torque applications in power plants, mining, cement, steel and metal mills, paper, sugar, rubber and other large industrial plants.

  • 16 sizes
  • 10 types
  • Bores to 1 219 mm (52 inch)
  • Capacities to 6 760 000 Nm (59,850,000 lb./in.)
  • Bolton seal end plates for easy seal ring replacement
  • Alloy steel option for increased capacity and life
  • Lowest initial cost for high capacity requirements
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