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Falk Couplings

The difference is often in the details. The difference between failure and long life, between smooth operation and downtime, between making – or losing – money on the factory floor.

Mar-Dustrial understands that different couplings suit different applications. So we’ve designed and manufactured a variety of state-of-the-art couplings to meet virtually any requirement. Whether you need more flexibility, lower maintenance, high torque load protection, simple cost-effective performance or something else, we can specify a coupling to suit you. Speed Quote software or a team of qualified power transmission specialists can analyze your application, and determine how special characteristics – including bore fit options, stiffness, balance, shaft gaps, operating speed, and environmental conditions – can affect coupling selection.

Falk couplings are available in standard or dual purpose designs, with special configurations for unique requirements. And each Falk coupling type is offered in sizes and with torque and bore capacities to fill a whole host of application parameters.

At Mar-Dustrial, we know couplings. How important they are. How reliable they need to be. And how the right coupling is one sizable detail that can make the critical difference in your operation.

Download our Falk coupling resource guide containing valuable information on how to extend their life and protect them from malfunctions.

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