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Falk Parallel Drive Ready For Your Business

This Falk Parallel Gear Drive is ready for use in your business today. The Gear Drive is a quality piece that will serve your needs for years to come. Mar-Dustrial Sales, Inc. carries these high quality drives because the Falk Corporation has many years of experience creating drives and machinery that endure through a great […]

Falk Gearbox Drives Have a History of Quality

  This is a Parallel Gear Drive that Mar-Dustrial has up for sale. It’s in great condition, entirely unused and on factory skids. The drive has one fan, double in and out. The Falk Drive has been rated at 505 HP at 1170 RPM Input. The history of this gear drive is what makes it […]

Gearing in Great Condition- Falk Parallel Drive

This Falk Parallel Gear Drive has both housing and gearing that are in great condition. The Falk name has earned a reputation for high quality products in the power transmission industry. The Drive One is a product family containing many high quality gear drives. These gear drives are the best of both worlds because they […]

Falk Parallel Gear – Likely Unused

This Falk Parallel Gear Drive is in great condition, as it likely was never a used drive. The gearing on the drive is excellent and full of oil. This particular gear drive has one fan. Falk drives are built to last for years to come. The outer cover assembly for parallel drives prevents contaminants from […]

Falk Enclosed Gear Drive – Excellent Condition

  Falk Parallel Gear Drives are great if you’re looking for machinery that will keep maintenance costs down. These machines were built to operate at a cooler temperature and utilize power efficiently. The machine housings on these gear drives are case-carburized, which means you’ll experience exact alignment even over multiple years of use. The outside […]

Falk Drive One – Unused Model

Mar-Dustrial carries the complete solution for mid-to-large-sized drive requirements. This never before run Drive One is designed to be extremely reliable. The gear drive features fewer parts in the design than other gear drives – providing a cost-effective product that will save money down the road. The Drive One can withstand the harshest environments while […]

Project Spotlight: Falk Renew

Mar-Dustrial Sales, Inc. is an active partner in the Falk Renew Program. This service helps refurbish Falk gearboxes that are can still be repaired to be serviceable and maintain Falk’s high standards of equipment operation. Falk Renew projects can offer big savings to businesses in several industries. Gearboxes can be restored to full functionality, and […]

Never-Used Falk Parallel Shaft Reducer

This is a great example of an unused Falk Parallel Shaft Reducer that found its way to Mar-Dustrial’s shop. The flexible design and compact footprint make it a powerful piece of equipment for uses in conveyor systems, crushers, mixers and more. You’ll find these are a staple in the mining, cement, lumber, textile, and rubber […]

Renewed Falk Parallel Shaft Reducer

Falk Parallel Shaft Reducers offer several features that make them a prime choice for many types of industrial applications. Perhaps most importantly, the horizontal split allows for in-place repair without having to drain lubricant or remove any of the elements. Falk helical gears sport methodical precision from alloy steel poured in Falk’s in-house foundry. These […]

New, Unused Falk Parallel Shaft Reducer

Falk Parallel Shaft Reducers offer many advantages to industrial applications, including no-leak, dirt proof seals and high capacity bearings. The inner cage creates a tailored fit between the bearing race and the shaft, which prevents oil from getting into the drive. This reduced maintenance need can help save money and extend the life of the […]

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