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Falk Shaft Mount Reducers

The shaft mount reducer is an ideal solution for industrial configurations requiring high torque within tight space constraints – most commonly conveyor and hoist systems. When space is at a minimum, it may be tempting to select a smaller gear drive that doesn’t meet the overload capacity requirements of the application. However, installing the wrong reducer size can lead to frequent failure, elevated replacement costs and damage to other machinery components.

Shaft mount reducers solve that dilemma by offering powerful torque output within a compact footprint. With its ability to mount directly onto the driven shaft, this drive eliminates the need for components that increase the bulk of the assembly, such as the support structures required for traditional foot-mounted units. Thus, the shaft mount reducer can tuck into a small space without sacrificing service factor.

In extreme cases, replacing a small unit with a higher-rated shaft mount reducer can provide up to a 94 percent reduction in lifetime ownership costs. Additionally, shaft mount reducers minimize alignment problems and operate at high efficiency.

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Falk shaft-mounted reducers
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