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Power Transmission Equipment for the Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry has come a long way since the days when teams of workers carried sacks of grain by hand. Today, grain elevators and agricultural conveyor belts move crop yields from place to place with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Mar-Dustrial is a leading supplier of the Falk couplings, gear reducers and other components that help transport agricultural goods to where they’re needed. Our factory-authorized Falk repair facility—one of only three in the United States—is fully equipped to return worn-out gear assemblies to top performance.

Harvest Greater Profits

The agriculture industry demands speed. Grain and produce have an expiration date, and an untimely failure of power transmission equipment can be devastating to the bottom line. Mar-Dustrial helps agricultural operations reap more revenues by providing:

Fast repair and delivery. When power transmission equipment breaks down, it can grind your operation to a halt. Every minute represents lost profits. That’s why we take rush orders anytime—day or night—and don’t stop working until your speed reducer is restored to like-new condition and on its way back to you. It typically only takes one or two days.

Low-cost rebuilds. When we repair your agricultural gearbox, we’re able to pick and choose from a wide array of new and used parts to achieve optimal performance for a fraction of the cost of a new assembly. Our repair estimates include quotes for both new and surplus parts so you can see how much you’ll save.

Hard-to-find parts. When you turn to Mar-Dustrial for couplings or gearbox components, you’re tapping into a vast store of new and used parts—including the largest inventory of surplus parts in the industry. Don’t worry if it turns out your equipment is obsolete; our expert crew can recommend a suitable replacement.

Quality you can trust. Whether you choose to buy new or used, you’ll always get top performance from our products. We subject every part we sell to rigorous cleaning and inspection before putting it into action. We also spin-test each rebuild, which is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty.

Nipping Equipment Problems in the Bud

The sooner you discover an equipment malfunction, the better your chances of preventing a critical failure. Regular maintenance of power transmission equipment helps keep major repairs at bay by addressing small problems before they become big ones.

Tidy up. You can’t harvest and transport crops without getting your hands—and your equipment—dirty. When allowed to build up, dust and food particles can find their way inside the gearbox, contaminating the lubricant and sowing the seeds for equipment failure. Regular cleanings are a must.

Lubricate properly. Improper lubrication is at the root of countless gearbox failures. Keep your power transmission equipment oiled according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Meticulously perform all oil changes on schedule, and use the opportunity to analyze an oil sample for particles that may indicate an internal malfunction.

Watch for signs. When couplings, gears and ball bearings begin to break down, they start showing signs such as flaking, cracking or fatigue. Visual inspections are your first line of defense against potential failure. Overheating, strange noises and changes in vibration can also signal an issue that needs attention, often before it becomes visible, making vibration analysis another crucial tool for gearbox maintenance.

Find a problem? Contact Mar-Dustrial today to repair or replace your agricultural power transmission equipment.


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