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Falk Concentric Shaft Reducers

Today’s concentric shaft reducer designs have changed the playing field for high-torque drive configurations. More streamlined and powerful than ever, these robust gearboxes are quickly becoming the preferred heavy lifters for a variety of industrial applications.

Falk UltraMax concentric shaft reducers offer more power for the dollar than other high-torque drives, making them a cost-efficient contender for the most challenging factory jobs. Advantages include:

Low up-front cost. A concentric drive can cost up to 30 percent less than other comparably rated high-torque drives.

Superior availability. Like a gearmotor, Falk’s concentric shaft reducer is a widely available stock item, which means your order will be shipped and fulfilled quickly.

Easy replacement. Because replacement parts are readily available, you can perform speedy repairs with minimal downtime.

Here at Mar-Dustrial, our experts can help you select the best drive for your application. Contact us to find out whether a concentric shaft reducer is the right powerhouse for your needs.

falk concentric shaft reducers
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