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Falk Mixer Drives

Mixing applications demand specialized gear reducers that won’t buckle under the pressure of standard mixing requirements. Regardless of the size of your operation, Mar-Dustrial has a mixer drive that can handle the job. We supply Falk RAM Mixer Reducers for a wide range of industries, including food processing, pulp and paper, waste and water treatment, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and mining.

The RAM Mixer Reducer was designed to solve the most common challenges in mixing applications, including:

  • High bending and thrust loads on the output shaft.
  • Potential for oil contamination of the final product.
  • The need for around-the-clock operation.

RAM Mixer Reducers are sized for small-, medium- and large-capacity mixing jobs, with larger drives available in both parallel and right-angle configurations. They’re built for easy interchangeability with other popular units and can be adapted for top, bottom, or side-entry mixing. They feature:

  • Large-diameter output shafts for handling high-bending loads.
  • Long-lived bearings that last minimum of 30,000 service hours.
  • A no-leak drywell design to eliminate lubricant contamination.

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