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Falk Backstops

Falk’s Low Speed Backstops prevent reverse rotation in applications such as inclined conveyors, bucket elevators, fans, rotary pumps and kilns. Performance-proven NRT Backstops employ a roller/ramp design featuring freewheeling cylindrical rollers that permit load engagement upon reversal.

Tandem seals and grease-purge cavities extend service life. Available load sharing systems for multiple backstop installations increase versatility. NRT backstops are externally mounted with a bore range from 1.50″ to 20″. Capacities from 3,000 to 747,000 lb-ft and overrunning speeds from 1 to 2,800 rpm make them very versatile. (Use bulletin 561-110 to display different models with dimensions and specifications.)

3 Year Shaft to Shaft Warranty

Falk backstops
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