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Falk Speed Reducers

Why Choose Falk Speed Reducers for Your Industrial Application?

Falk speed reducers have a proven track record for reliability and ruggedness in harsh industrial conditions. For more than a century, Falk has engineered solutions for some of the most challenging industrial applications, from mining to pulp and paper to cement mixing.

What’s more? The Falk Company is the industry’s gold standard with has a very rich and interesting history. Henry Falk, the company’s founder, was an in inventor and entrepreneur. In fact, he acquired his first patent at the age of   breaks for wagons. By 1890’s, he had started making couplings as well. Today, Falk gear products are the go-to choice for industries of all kinds.

What is the Falk Advantage?

Designed for maximum adaptability and minimal deterioration in even the most punishing environments, Falk speed reducers offer a long life of trouble-free operation. The Falk brand also comes with top-notch customer service and technical support to ensure maximum uptime and gear drive performance.

As the Northwest’s largest certified Falk distributor, Mar-Dustrial is the go-to source for Falk gearboxes and other drive components. We maintain a vast inventory of new and surplus Falk speed reducers in a variety of gearbox configurations, including:

Concentric shaft reducers

Perfect for high-torque applications, Falk’s concentric shaft reducers deliver top-notch performance in challenging environments. They are perfect for the mining, forestry, food industries and more.


  • Low noise levels
  • High Efficiency
  • High reduction capacity
  • And more

Parallel shaft reducers

Perfect for high-torque industrial applications, Falk parallel shaft reducers are built for efficient and are a staple for conveyor systems in the mining, rubber, textile industries and more.


  • Flexible design
  • Compact power-dense footprint
  • Saves in maintenance costs
  • And more

Right angle reducers

Perfect for heavy-duty industrial markets, Falk right angle reducers offer rugged designs to meet any and all operating challenges.

Benefits include:

  • Perfect for spaces with space constraints
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • And more

In addition to our wide selection of Falk gearboxes, we also operate a Falk-certified Repair & Renew facility. Contact us to learn more about how quality gearbox repairs can save you money.

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