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Talk About Simple

“Replace-in Place” design. The flexible coupling that performs like no other.

It doesn’t get any easier than Wrapflex.
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• 9 sizes, 3 types
• Torque range: 133,000 in. lb. (15,028 N-m)
• Bore Capacity: 7 1/4 (186 mm)
• Low maintenance
• Non-lubricated
• Easy assembly and disassembly.

WRAPflex Coupling

Now, tight budgets, tough operating conditions and unyielding schedules have met their match in Wrapflex – the low-cost, low-maintenance line of non-lubricated Elastomer Couplings from Rexnord. The long-life design delivers exceptional value.

Plus, quick, easy installation and replacement set new standards for reduced downtime. Because motors or drives don’t need to be moved, these Green and Easy elements even eliminate the need for time-consuming realignment, further reducing downtime. Now available in close-coupled and spacer design.

Wrapflex couplings accommodate up to 7 1/4″ (186 mm) shafts and torque loads up to 133,000 lb. in. (15028 Nm). So when it’s time to think “value”, think “green” with Wrapflex couplings.

Low Initial Cost

• Advanced manufacturing methods and innovative material allow us to offer you higher capacity ratings at a more competitive price than ever before possible.
• Initial investment protected by the industry’s first, standard 3-Year Heavy-Duty Warranty

Easy to Install

• The compound root radius in the element teeth (patent applied for) increases flexibility for easier and quicker assembly.
• Can be blind assembled from either direction.

Replace in Place

• Design allows quick and easy element replacement.
• There’s no need to remove hubs or realign motors or drives, reducing downtime.

No Maintenance Needed

• Non-lubricated design of the tough, flexible polyurethane element reduces periodic maintenance costs.

Protects Equipment

• Patent applied for design of the flexible element minimizes potential for misalignment while improving tooth-to-tooth contact for improved performance.
• Hub teeth machined with special nose radius (patent applied for) to minimize potential for misalignment.

Tough, Long-Lasting

• Polyurethane element has excellent wear and chemical resistance, and a 95°C( 200°F) temperature rating for longer life.
• Hubs made from carbon steel for maximum strength.
• Weather-resistant, high-grade nylon cover is standard.
• Optional carbon steel covers with black epoxy coating for highly corrosive, severe-duty applications. (Standard for Sizex 60-80.)

Safety First

• Two stainless steel button-head cap screws, positioned 180° apart, prevent relative motion between cover and element and provide a positive means of retaining the cover to the element.
• Flexible element is retained after failure, helping minimize the potential for damage or personal injury.

Quick and Easy Retrofits

• Compact design eliminates the need for coupling guard redesign on existing applications.
• Stock finished bores in popular sizes and taper bores, which accept Q.D. and TaperLock bushings, are available from our worldwide distribution network for off-the-shelf availability.

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