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Custom Built Performance, Universal Design

Computer Engineered Gland Plate

Designed to fit a maximum range of bolting patterns and stuffing box bores.

Assembly Cams

ASI’s Handy-CamsTM not only align the seal, but protect against damage in handling upon installation, all with the ease of one-step disengagement.

Hydraulic Balance

Seals can operate at higher pressures without overheating.


Shaft o-ring is static and cannot damage equipment.

No Shaft Modification

Seal will install over standard straight shaft or packing sleeve without any modifications.

Drive Mechanism

ASI’s Safe-T-Studs TM transmit drive torque from the shaft to the seal from the inside of the sleeve, preventing seal damage, misalignment and accidental loosening associated with conventional torque systems.

Metal Encased Seal Face

Protect plant personnel and the environment from catastrophic seal face failure.

Piston Device

ASI’s Spring Guard TM protects springs against vapor deposits, spring fatigue, and enhances seal face life.

Isolated Springs

Springs are removed from the fluid and cannot clog from sediments in the pumpage.

Unique Gland Plate Shape

With the aid of an advanced CAD/CAM system, ASI has designed a universal slotted gland plate able to fit on a wide variety of bolting patterns and stuffing box bores. ASI’s unique glad shape does not interfere with stuffing box features or flush connections as many round glad plates do.

Stationary Design

The model 585 stationary design derives sealing face alignment from the pump shaft and not the stuffing box face or the seal face gland plate. Perfect sealing face squareness is automatic upon installation and requires no glad plate adjustments. Springs don’t rotate with the shaft, nor do they flex. Under normal conditions, the Model 585 adjusts one time upon installation and thereafter only to compensate for the limited wearing of the sealing face surfaces.

Additional Features:

Impeller Adjustments In Service

Disassembling the pump is unnecessary to make impeller clearance adjustments. The cartridge unit allows you to easily perform this function.

Cartridge Mounted

Factory assembled and inspected prior to shipment.

No Installation Measurements

Mechanics are not required to make critical installation measurements in order to install the seal.

Longer Seal Life

All o-rings and secondary sealing surfaces are virtually static under normal service conditions and are not required to adjust for misalignment, therefore, they last longer.

Compact Design

Permits use in smaller ANSI pumps without equipment modification-including those with 5/16″ cross-section stuffing boxes.

Guaranteed Face Squareness

Every shaft sleeve (new or repair) is placed on a specially designed machine equipped with an expanding device which holds the shaft sleeve and acts exactly the same as the pump shaft. The nesting surface for the back of the rotary face is then machined at a perfect right angle to the axis of your pump shaft. This, in conjunction with a closely controlled bore v. length ratio, guarantees perfect face squareness every time, every seal, whether it is a new seal component or part of the ASI Encore program.

Effect of Hydraulic Pressure On Spring Loading

As pressure increases, the piston device compresses the springs, reducing the load on the seal faces. At 25 psi, 1/2 of the spring load has been relieved; at 50 psi, all the spring load has been relieved.* Hydraulic pressure alone maintains face contact without any additional spring load, reducing face wear and lengthening seal life.

*The pressure level for full disengagement of the springs varies slightly, depending on size.

Tomorrow’s Technology… Today

Using the latest in computer aided design and manufacturing, ASI has engineered the model 585 for superior seal performance and extended seal life. All of its individual seal components were designed not only to perform well, but also to perform “smart”, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest price today…and tomorrow.

Handy-Cam TM

ASI’s assembly device automatically centers the lock collar and sleeve, and “sets” the seal within precise specifications. What makes this cam unique is its one-step disengagement. Simply slide the end of a wrench (provided) over the flats milled into the sides of the cam and with a quarter turn, the cam is safely out of the lock collar’s path. These cams will not damage the seal, either if they are left in place. It is also just as easy to put them back into place, if necessary, for impeller adjustments.

Reduced Spring Tension

During service, the Model 585’s hydraulic pressure activates ASI’s piston device, Spring Guard TM, forcing the springs into their drilled recesses. This achieves three things:

  1. Eliminates spring fatigue; springs are at their optimum performance level at start-up and shutdown.
  2. Seals off the springs from clogging deposits of foreign material and gummy vapor residues.
  3. Relives the face off all spring load and assures you of uniform face wear which can only be derived from hydraulic pressure. This feature provides you with reduced spring tension at low pressures and eliminated spring load completely at stuffing box pressures over 50 psi.

Universal Seal Components

The majority of the Model 585’s seal components are engineered to operate in other ASI seal models as well. By using universal components, manufacturing costs are cut, stock availability is assured, and part replacement is simplified. While some of our competitors have recently “caught on” to this idea, ASI has been designing parts this way for over a decade, and is continually pioneering such ideas as this to pass on savings to our customers without compromising the integrity of our seals.

No Design Gimmicks – Just Quality Manufacturing

ASI has always demanded the highest level of quality from our mechanical seals. Our components are manufactured to tougher tolerances than our competitiors’. We also demand the same precision from our seal faces which are lapped beyond industrial standards. The end result is a perfectly fitted, precisely aligned mechanical seal, built the way it was originally designed. You will find no “gimmicks” in the Model 585, no alignment gadgets for seal faces or lock rings; remember, such features are usually added on to seals to compensate for poor machining or design. At ASI, we believe that these gimmicks are unnecessary; and that quality, quite frankly, speaks louder than hype.

With So Many Seal Applications, Why Do Seal Companies Offer So Few Choices In Mechanical Seals?

Unlike some competitors, ASI believes that the more tailored a seal is for an application, the better it will perform. Only ASI offers customers three style options in our universal single seal, all three with “off the shelf” convenience and price. This way, each customer pays only for the options that he chooses.

Universal Design Options

Non-Flush Piloted Style (585-1)

Features a self-centering glad plate. Fits all standard ANSI pumps with stuffing box flushes.

Flush Style Inlet (585-2)

Directs liquid to seal faces and eliminates entrapped air in vertical applications.

Quench Style Inlet (585-3)

Equipped with quench or vent and drain connections, aids in E.P.A. compliance while maintaining low cost.

Customized Face Combinations

Another advantage that ASI offers customers is the variety of face combinations available with the Model 585; each tested to perform under various conditions, including our latest innovation, Sintabide TM v. Graphide TM (a proprietary silicon carbide material). These faces are also engineered to operate in other ASI models such as our 590 and 595, enabling us to maintain both higher on-hand inventory and lower in stock prices and to supply our customers with the choice of the face combination best suited for their seal application.

Flexible Repair Programs

Due to the varied repair needs of our customers, ASI provides both “in-house” and “in-field” repair services. Our repair program, ASI Encore, combines speed with efficiency, resulting in superior repair at very competitive prices. What sets an ASI Encore seal apart from an ordinary repair are the quality standards used in reconditioning the seal; the same standards used for our new seal parts. To our customers, this means every ASI Encore seal achieves the same performance level and seal life as a new ASI seal. Also, upon request, we will analyze seal performance and suggest ways to extend seal life. ASI realizes however, that it is not always practical or necessary for our customers to return their seals to us for repairs, so we supply repair kits for all seal sizes and models for “in-field” repairs at a low cost. Once again, it is our customers, not ASI, who choose the repair method that is right for them.

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