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Falk Parallel Shaft Reducers

For high-torque industrial applications, the parallel shaft reducer is hard to beat. Its flexible design and compact, power-dense footprint make it a staple for conveyor systems, crushers, mixers and more within the mining, cement, lumber, textile and rubber industries. When low speed and heavy torque are needed, the parallel shaft reducer is the go-to workhorse.

Falk parallel shaft reducers – named for their parallel input and output shafts – typically feature a helical or double-worm gear design. Because they’re built for efficiency, these Falk gearboxes offer the added benefit of quick, easy maintenance and repair. Here’s why:

Oversized inspection cover. Falk parallel shaft reducers are split horizontally and feature a large inspection cover that offers easy access for routine maintenance and inspection.

In-place repair. The horizontal split also allows technicians to repair the unit in place, without having to drain the lubricant or remove any elements.

Outer cover assembly. This reducer also features an outer cover assembly that traps contaminants before they can enter the drive.

The Falk parallel shaft reducer’s efficient design allows repairs to be completed quickly and affordably, reducing downtime and saving maintenance costs over the lifetime of the unit. Contact us for more information about our speed reducer inventory.

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