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Pulp & Paper

Mixer Drives for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Mixers, and the mixer drives that propel them, are the heart of any pulp and paper operation. They must often run continuously under arduous conditions – and a breakdown can spell disaster for profits. Our experts at Mar-Dustrial understand the demands placed on pulp and paper machinery, and we often assist paper mills in selecting the right drive for each application.

We offer a broad selection of robust mixer drives, conveyor drives and paper machine drives built to withstand severe chemical environments. We can recommend a gear reducer that provides:

Large load capacity. A mixer drive must offer more than torque alone; it also needs to support the mixer shaft and impeller while operating under tremendous mixing forces. Therefore, the housing, shaft and bearings must be rated for carrying large bending moments and thrust loads.

Leak-free design. A reliable drywell is critical in order to prevent product contamination due to oil leakage. We supply drives that feature maintenance-free sealing systems designed to last throughout the life of the gearbox.

Long bearing life. Continuous oil circulation and larger bearing dimensions help ensure a trouble-free working life, even under constant heavy loads.

Contact Mar-Dustrial today for help selecting the right Falk gearbox for your pulp and paper application.

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