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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Mar-Dustrial stocks most types and sizes of Spiral Wound Gaskets from Leader Gasket. We have the expertise to help our customers determine the correct size and type of Spiral Wound Gasket for their application. Leader Gasket has many other styles and sizes including ROUND, OVAL, OBROUND, DIAMOND, SQUARE, RECTANGLE.

Manufacturers of Spiralwound Gaskets, Heat Exchanger Gaskets, & Metal Gaskets. Leader Gaskets are available in a full range of styles, and in all varieties of materials. Leader Gasket offers the highest standards of service and quality which are characteristic of their company name.

spiral wound gaskets

Available in a full range of styles and materials, Leader Gasket’s Spiralwound gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20 for use in all industry flanges, including ASME/ANSI B16.5, ASME B 16.47, Series A & B. Leader Gasket assures strict adherence to these specifications as routine inspection procedures are applied throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, Leader Gasket maintains tractability of all materials used in their gasket construction to provide material certifications as required. Leader Gasket maintains ISO 9001 Certification.

Spiralwound Gaskets are one of the most commonly used metal gaskets. They are extremely versatile and offer an excellent seal in a wide variety of applications. The Spiralwound is manufactured by wrapping alternating layers of thin metal and a soft gasket filler material such as flexible graphite or PTFE. The chevron-shaped profile of the gasket provides resilience and a “spring like” characteristic that enhances the performance of the gasket.

Leader Gasket manufactures spiral wound gaskets in the full range of metal alloys and fillers. The company manufactures strictly to the standards as set forth by ASME B16.20 (formerly API 601), DIN 2699 and British Standards. Large diameter gaskets, standard dimensions, as well as special shapes and sizes are all available. Color coding is standard for the Spiralwound gaskets made by Leader Gasket. The following descriptions present the most common of the standard profiles of Spiralwound gaskets offered by Leader Gasket.

STYLES          Description

LG-11                Spiral Winding Only
LG-11-IR           Spiral Winding with Inner Ring
LG-11-HE         Spiral Winding with Double Jacketed Rib
LG-13               Spiral Winding with Outer Guide
LG-13-IR          Spiral Winding with Outer Guide and Inner Ring
LG-13-HE         Spiral Winding with Outer Guide and Double Jacketed Rib
LG-14               Spiral Winding for Manholes and Handholes

More Details

LG-13 The LG-13 is the most common profile of Spiralwound gasket and used extensively in ANSI B16.5 flanges. The gaskets consist of a metal guide ring (or sometimes referred to as a centering ring) and a Spiralwound sealing element. This profile is normally used in raised and flat faced flanged. The outer ring is often made of carbon steel (painted or zinc plated to prevent corrosion) but can be made of alloys for higher temperature and more severe medium applications.

LG-13-IR This gasket is identical to the LG-13, however an inner ring has been inserted to enhance gasket performance. The inner ring is added to prevent the possibility of the gasket imploding into the pipe during installation, to protect the sealing element from extreme temperatures and mediums, fill the void between flanges to prevent erosion of the flange, and to reduce the possibility of failure. The inner ring is normally made of the same alloy as the winding. The DIN 2699 standard (German) specifies inner rings in all Spiralwound gaskets. Inner rings are required for gasket with PTFE filler according to ASME B16.20 standards, and considered important for graphite fillers. This profile is normally used in raised and flat faced flanges.

LG-11 This style of gasket consists of the winding/sealing element only. It has no guide ring (centering ring) or inner ring. It is most commonly used in tongue and groove and male/female flanges.

LG-11-IR This gasket is similar to the LG-11, however, it has an inner ring. Its application is similar to the LG-11.

spiral wound gaskets
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