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Tips for Reducing Conveyor Drive Noise

In any industrial workplace, employees are subjected to noise from a variety of sources, such as gearbox reducer vibrations. All of these sources add up to contribute to the overall amount of sound to which industrial workers are exposed. When workplace noise levels exceed OSHA regulations, employers may be required to implement a hearing conservation program or mandatory hearing protection.

In order to minimize noise exposure on the job, it’s important to examine each component of a system to determine where sound reductions can be made. One such component to look at is the conveyor drive.

A conveyor drive consists of three basic elements: the structural framework, conveyor rollers and a drive mechanism, such as a motor connected to a Falk gearbox. Fortunately, there are many ways to control the noise emitted by a conveyor drive, such as by making sound dampening modifications to the gearbox reducer.

Falk Gearbox Modifications for Reducing Sound

Speed reduction or increases in torque can cause the gearbox reducer within a conveyor system to produce noise. Techniques for reducing noise levels generated by a Falk gearbox include:

  • Use a higher-precision Falk gearbox, as these have been proven effective at reducing noise.
  • Replace bearings with high-quality versions throughout the drive system.
  • Use V belts or Poly-V belts, which are quieter than chain drives.
  • Wherever chains of any kind are used, ensure the chain guides are made of smooth plastic.
  • Always ensure proper lubrication of your Falk gearbox.
  • Firmly attach all power train hardware to solid support structures to prevent vibration.
  • Isolate gearbox reducer noise by using sound boxes lined with noise-absorbing materials.

In addition to examining noise reduction options for a conveyor drive’s gearbox, it’s important to also optimize other components of the system, such as the rollers, roller bearings, roller shafts and frames. Small noise reductions can add up to create a much healthier work environment.

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