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Falk Gearboxes and Other Gears In the Paper Industry

pulp and paper millThe paper manufacturing industry uses very large and heavy machinery requiring durable gears that can take on heavy loads. Falk gear reducers play an important role in successful operations due to their quality and reliability.

Whether you choose new, rebuilt, used or surplus gear reducers, make sure your parts are dependable. Understanding the gears and their job is important when ordering or working in the pulp or paper industry. While many types of gears are used to manufacture or recycle paper, here are three of the most common:

1. Worm gears. Worm gears provide gear reduction in a single step and are ideal for large motor speed requirements, which makes them a common fixture in presses and rolling mills within paper and pulp factories. Not only can worm drives reach speeds of 127:1, but they also operate quietly. Worm drives can be purchased as part of a Falk gearbox assembly; many distributors also offer surplus gear reducers with worm drives.

2. Spiral bevel gears. Spiral bevel gears are quieter and produce less vibration than others due to their design. Within a Falk gearbox, a spiral bevel gear’s helical (set at an angle) teeth gradually engage, producing less noise and running more smoothly than other gear reducers. A Falk gear reducer containing spiral bevels can frequently be found in paper factories because of its ability to carry extremely heavy loads.

3. Hypoid gears. This type of gear is a subcategory of the spiral bevel. Hypoid gears offer a higher reduction ratio within a Falk gear reducer. Hypoid gears also operate quietly and are quite strong, but they do result in some energy loss due to sliding. They’re typically used in paper machine drives.

If you’re a paper or pulp mill manager, you know your daily operations can be challenging and demanding. You need reliability and lots of strength in your Falk gearbox. Worm, spiral bevel and hypoid are just some of the gear designs that keep the wheels of the paper and pulp industry turning.

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