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Falk G Couplings: An Illustrated Look

Falk LifeLign G Couplings are the smartest investment you could make for your gearbox. Cost-effective and interchangeable, LifeLign G Couplings are designed to AGMA standards. Along with a variety of sizes and capacities, these couplings are one-half for one-half interchangeable with other standard gear couplings. This means that regardless of differences in sleeve barrels, hub and bore dimensions, your LifeLign G couplings are able to be switched out easily. In addition, all Falk G couplings come with Falk’s Long Term Grease (LTG). This lubricant has been developed by Rexnord engineers to extend the life of Falk’s couplings. LTG is highly resistant to separation, which leads to higher viscosities and lower bleed rates. For more information contact us.

Falk LifeLign G Coupling

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