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Study Shows Falk Couplings Save Owners Money

Falk couplings have long had a reputation for durability and performance, and recent third-party testing reveals why. When the SteelFlex grid T coupling was pitted against two other major brands in a round of product cycle testing, the T coupling proved up to 16 times more durable than its competitors.

The tests were conducted under the most punishing conditions to see which brand could last the longest without failing. Because the most common causes of coupling failure include misalignment and high-impact or vibratory loads, the Falk couplings underwent two rounds of testing:

Reverse torque test. Two samples from each brand were installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions on a static test stand, which utilizes a pneumatic cylinder to apply torque in both positive and negative directions. They were then subjected to 220 percent of the manufacturer-specified maximum torque capacity until the coupling either failed or withstood 400,000 cycles. The worst-performing coupling lasted fewer than 20,000 cycles. Both Falk couplings far outlasted the others by withstanding the full 400,000 cycles – proving 4.7 times more durable than the closest competitor and 16 times more durable than the worst performer.

Misalignment test. In order to simulate real-world alignment conditions, a 0.5-degree parallel misalignment (twice the recommended misalignment) was applied for the second test. The couplings were then rotated at 3,558 rpm until they failed or reached 100 million cycles. Again, the Falk T coupling lasted the full 100 million cycles without failure; the other two brands failed after fewer than 325,000 cycles.

What’s the takeaway for facility managers? Falk SteelFlex couplings last significantly longer than their competitors, even under extreme conditions – and a longer-lasting grid means fewer repair or replacement costs in the long run.

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