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Falk Gearbox Drives Have a History of Quality

Full Size Render Falk Gearbox DriveFalk Gearbox Drive Gearing


This is a Parallel Gear Drive that Mar-Dustrial has up for sale. It’s in great condition, entirely unused and on factory skids. The drive has one fan, double in and out. The Falk Drive has been rated at 505 HP at 1170 RPM Input. The history of this gear drive is what makes it a great choice for your business needs.

The Falk Corporation came into existence in 1892. Herman Falk started his business by making couplings for wagons. After realizing that the demand for wagon couplings was not enough to support his business, he decided to expand into a general-purpose machine shop. Not too long after, Herman Falk decided to focus his entrepreneurial and mechanical expertise on a new technology. This technology was electrified transportation. In 1899 he moved to a new industry called electric power transmission and also bought a gear cutting shop.

After opening up his own 70,000 square foot factory, Herman Falk knew that producing gears was going to be a lucrative business. He decided to move his company away from business of repairing street railways, cast welding, and general contracting. The gear industry was growing, and as such, the business transition made sense. The Falk brand started focusing on gears, and the rest is history!



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